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Social Media Management Tools for Independent Retailers

Smart Product Management

Sync Shopify or Etsy products to share merchandise with connected social media networks. Highlight products in custom images with easy-to-use graphic design tools as well as product collages in our simple email builder.

Keep inventory up-to-date with an integrated point of sale system, POSIM Software. Sync product photos, details and on-hand counts from your point of sale with Boutique Window. Product management with Boutique Window simplifies your social media and email marketing.

Simplify Selling Online

Sell online with PayPal and Boutique Window. With online product management, Boutique Window can provide retailers with a platform to showcase and sell merchandise. For retailers who want to accept PayPal payments, there are two options for product management.

Perfect for resale shops, sending a PaPal invoice ensures that the item is in-stock before shipping. On the flip side, boutiques and retail stores love the ability to use the PayPal shopping cart feature to to let customers purchase directly from their online store.

Supported Platform Integrations

Etsy Marketing Integration with Boutique Window Social Media Management Tools
Shopify eCommerce Integration with Boutique Window Social Media Management Tools
POSIM Software Integration with Boutique Window Social Media Management Tools
Accept PayPal Payments Integration with Boutique Window Social Media Management Tools

iOS Mobile App

Stay connected and accountable with social media management tools on your iOS mobile app. Built specifically for Apple devices, the Boutique Window iOS mobile app provides easy access to the editable calendar, product manager, and custom graphic library. Social media management has never easier—with Boutique Window at your fingertips users can post anywhere and anytime.

iOS mobile app with boutique window social media management tools

We Love Our Customers!

And, they love us too. See what independent retailers are saying about the Boutique Window’s social media tools.

Boutique Window definitely saves us time! A part-time employee takes product photos and manages our social media strategy. With Boutique Window she can easily schedule in advance so she doesn’t have to worry about social media on her days off!
Ann Marie ValdezApricot Lane | Anchorage, Alaska
Since using Boutique Window, I have seen an increased response from our online presence. I think this is mostly because we are more active in posting. Plus, I like that it’s easy for my customers to see product photos, descriptions and prices in a uniform layout.
Sarah GaugerOMT! | Lincoln, Nebraska

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