Chandelier Resale Furniture Boutique

Boutique Window helped Catherine successfully launch a new resale furniture store.

Chandelier Resale Furniture Boutique

How has Boutique Window changed your online marketing efforts?

My online marketing efforts were non-existent before Boutique Window. I actually met the founders at the same time I launched my business. After hearing Courtney & Ella give a presentation for Boutique Window, I knew this was the right media source for my marketing needs. And my instinct was right! Boutique Window is a perfect fit for Chandelier Resale Furniture Boutique.

Chandelier Resale Furniture Boutique

What are your favorite parts of Boutique Window?

My favorite part of Boutique Window is first of all it is a tech venture started by women, you don't see much of that in this day and age. I also like that I can send my merchandise to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in one easy process. I also like the "collections." I hope to use these soon when I launch my vintage china!

What effect has Boutique Window had on the amount of exposure your merchandise has had, foot traffic to your store and/or your sales?

Boutique Window is driving traffic to my store by exposing what the store has to offer on my social media platforms. I have received calls from my website asking about "in store" items. I predict this will only increase as we stay consistent with our merchandise offerings.

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What kind of feedback have you heard/seen from your customers about your use of Boutique Window?

I've heard people say that they have found me on my Boutique Window website. They are able to select an item, call and purchase over the phone.  I have also received Facebook requests to hold an item so the guest can come pick it up! This is what social commerce is all about. Getting the buyer to you on any level they want to communicate.

Would you recommend Boutique Window to other retailers?

I have already recommend Boutique Window to another fellow business owner of a bridal shop!

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